8 ian. 2013

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Shooting games are those with first-person, where on the screen you can see only the hands armed with a rifle or pistol of the character, where we move in space cirocstante with freedom of action and where, generally you must shoot and kill everything that moves around.
In technical language characteristic of video games, they are called First Person Shooter or FPS games and are without doubt one of the most popular types of games and sold worldwide.
Famous are games such as Doom, Call Of Duty , Far Cry, Crysys, Fear, Unreal and several others like it.
Among the free games already seen in this blog , there are good Quake Live and Phosfor but are browser game, that you play directly SDAL website with Internet Exlorer or Firefox. Best online games, to shooter, free and free games are instead described below to download and install on your PC which is expected to multiplayer mode , which is the chance to meet and collide with other users on the network to game. Pending the your judgments, I try to go in reverse order of beauty and playability, provided that they are all very beautiful and that games are a lot of fun.